Provides you the necessary services and an all-in-one set of recommendations to help you effectively manage your assets.


Leverage Condition Monitoring to maximize your maintenance strategy and save valuable time and money!

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Condition Monitoring Benefits

Minimise downtime

Reduce unplanned breakages and downtime

Maximise safety

Reduce fire hazards with proactive and targeted maintenance

Increase profits

Get the most from your equipment performance

Contact JWA Condition Monitoring to assist with a customized and cost-effective Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) plan.  We are here to improve your production and safety, saving you time and money.

Do you have doubts about the reliability and safety of your equipment?

We can assist with a Reliability Centered Maintenance Strategy that suits your requirements.


Infrared Scanning


Thermography is an extremely effective way to detect abnormal surface temperatures on objects.

Scans can be performed on motors, gearboxes, generators and more. These scans are the quickest way to show where potential faults are going to occur before equipment fails or electrical fires begin.

Vibration Analysis


Vibration levels and frequencies of machinery are measured to determine the health of a machine.
By measuring the levels and patterns of vibration signals within a component, machinery or structure, abnormal vibration events can be monitored against an established baseline and remediated if required.

Motor Circuit Analysis


A highly effective rotating component condition monitoring method, MCA analysis can be performed in two modes:
Online - current and voltage analysis is conducted while the motor is operating normally and is mainly focused on the rotating components
Offline - impedance, inductance and capacitance analysis is conducted while the motor is de-energized.

Oil Analysis


Analysis of equipment lubricants is the most accurate method to determine the health and life cycle of components.
This information can determine if components can be better utilised or if immediate remediation is required and enables companies to focus their maintenance efforts and increase planned downtime utilisation.
Our operators are fully qualified to collect and transport samples with great care, ensuring not to contaminate with dust or rust.

We provide our clients with confidence.

All-in-one Set of Recommendations

All equipment are checked, inspected and documented in a comprehensive format providing an accurate breakdown of all issues encountered during an inspection.

Results-driven Relationships

We focus on building effective results-driven relationships with our clients, allowing them to leverage our services in developing a customized condition monitoring solution to help drive equipment maintenance and planning efficiencies.

Critical and timely information

Critical issues identified quickly and accurately to minimizes downtime. Address issues by severity and drive improvements with timely reporting and remediation. We have the fastest turnaround times from inspection to report.

Industry Best


Our Internationally certified technicians apply best practices to inspect and monitor equipment condition. We document your inspections against a predetermined inspection route lists.

State of the art software

Using the latest and most advanced software developed specifically for equipment health monitoring, our dedicated team are able to deliver accurate and detailed asset health reports to our clients.

Excellent Client Support

The dedicated team at JWA Condition Monitoring and Trading can provide the systematic reduction of equipment faults and ensure you have the information to maintain the absolute highest availability for your equipment possible.


JWA Condition Monitoring compiles your data into a Data Model which can easily give the answers we require to target your concerns and maximize your asset performance

Benefits of using JWA Condition Monitoring Services

What this Means for your Business

  • Prompt and Efficient Service
    We strive to deliver efficient and effective services
  • Detailed and Timely Reports
    We provide real-time reports that target your equipment remediation by severity
  • Fully Certified Technicians
    Our technicians are fully trained to perform inspections
  • 24/7 Support
    We provide you the support you need to ensure the smooth running of your operations 
  • Trusted Partner
    Your trusted partner with a passion for condition monitoring and its application
  • Lowering Maintenance Costs:
    Lower maintenance costs with a Condition Monitoring plan tailored to your operations
  • Maximizing Production Output: 
    Maximize your production output and meet your deadlines
  • Increasing Lifespan of Machinery:
    Extend the lifespan of components and the longevity of your machines, as well as boosting their performance levels
  • Prioritizing Maintenance Tasks:
    Frequent and reliable updates about your machinery in real-time
  • Accurate KPI’s and Analysis:
    Focus on proactive maintenance, 

Give JWA Condition Monitoring and Trading a call!

Get a customized reliability-centered maintenance plan.
 Predict and prevent failure of your equipment and machinery before they occur.

Featured Product

FLIR Si124

The FLIR Si124 acoustic imaging camera can help you locate pressurized leaks in compressed air systems or detect partial discharge from high-voltage electrical systems. This lightweight, one-handed solution can be used to identify issues up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods. Built with 124 microphones, the Si124 produces a precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic information, even in loud industrial environments. 

You can then access stored files and separate sound sources for deeper analysis and classification of problems. Through a regular maintenance routine, the FLIR Si124 can help facilities save money on utility bills and delay the expense of installing new compressors.


Successfully improve your asset maintenance and reliability with a customized Condition Monitoring Solution to drive performance and maximize profits!

JWA Condition Monitoring provides clients with solutions to manage reliability centered maintenance plans and proactively monitor assets and systems, with an all in one set of recommendations tailored to your industry standards.

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