Oil Analysis

A regular routine oil analysis program can determine the health of the oil

Oil Analysis is a routine activity for analysing oil health, oil contamination and machine wear. Just like taking a blood sample for a human is done to check certain functions in order to maintain optimal health, taking an oil sample works in much the same way.

By analysing a sample of used engine oil, we are able to determine the amount of contamination, the wear rates and overall condition of your engine. 

Our operators are fully qualified to collect and transport samples with great care, ensuring not to contaminate with dust or rust.

Using oil analysis as a predictive maintenance tool, a company is able to identify, in advance, the health and life of equipment lubricants, avoiding excessive stops and overspending.

The Common Problems:

- Malfunction of machinery

- Downtime on production

We Provide the following Solutions:

- Increases equipment reliability and availability

- Able to Identify problems before they become severe

- Able to anticipate possible errors
- Reduce maintenance and inventory costs
- Avoid compromising on service performance or product quality

We do the following Oil Analysis: 

  • Contamination analysis - Identifies the presence of substances that may contaminate the system. The oil may be contaminated due to equipment wear or chemical reactions of the lubricant
  • Ferrography - Analyzes the particles found in the lubricants to identify the degree and reason for the wear of machines and equipment
  • Physico-chemical analysis -  Evaluates the lubricant conditions either in time or in periodic analyzes
  • Spectrometry - With this method it is possible to identify the chemical elements present in the lubricant. This analysis is indicated to obtain more accurate information about wear, contamination and to identify additives.

For equipment to be reliable and efficient effort must be put into eliminating failures.

Let JWA Condition Monitoring & Trading help you with a customised integrated condition monitoring solution for your business.  

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