Thermography is an extremely reliable way of detecting electrical faults in their early stages 

Our trained operators scan an object using an infrared camera to detect and record abnormal surface temperature. These scans show where a fault is going to occur before equipment fails. 

Thermal imaging works with two layers- a top and a bottom. The bottom layer of the thermal image is made up of tiny squares or rectangles called an array. Each tiny square has a temperature component so the operator can easily detect any hot spots or cold spots within the array. The top part of the imaging array is the part that is viewed through the viewfinder.

Once a scan has been performed we provide our clients with comprehensive and easy to understand reports that contain information on all faults that have been identified during thermographic testing. Our clients are then able to plan repairs and maintenance before costly and potentially dangerous electrical issues occur.  

Our efficient way of predicting a variety of fault conditions before they happen saves time and money for our clients by minimising downtime and unforeseen repair costs.

The Common Problems:

- High risk of electrical fires if equipment is not maintained

- Possible downtime on equipment and machinery

- Unforeseen maintenance costs of equipment and machinery

We Provide the following Solutions:

- Detection of electrical faults in their early stages
- Ability to potentially reduce dangerous electrical issues
- Proactive maintenance of electrical infrastructure

- Ability to allow for planning of maintenance and repairs
- Providing detailed, accurate and easy to understand reports

We do the following infrared inspections: 


  • Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Plummer blocks
  • Compressors
  • Generators


  • High resistance connections/ loose connections on cables 
  • Bus bars
  • Transformers
  • Overhead lines

To help you take proactive, preventative measures to ensure equipment health, give JWA Condition Monitoring a call to find out about a reliability centred maintenance solution tailored to suit your business.

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